How it works

The Concept

Ginger Garlic allows our much loved restaurant customers to enjoy our food regardless of how far they stay, the platform allows customers to order our homestyle Indian cooking, delivered directly to their home, this is currently offered within Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We will provide our fresh food to customers doors during the day, daily. The meals will be prepared either during the day or the night before, ensuring you have freshly cooked food to enjoy the following day. Our meal boxes will come with re-heating instructions but the majority of our food can simply be heated up in the microwave, oven or pan. Giving you the same home-cooked food that you would expect in our restaurant but in the comfort of your own home.

The Root

The idea was born during the COVID 19 pandemic when we reopened for take away only. We continued to serve customers for delivery, but we were unable to reach customers that were further away. On top of this, we were forced to reduce our menu to ensure we could maintain the same high standards. This concept has allowed us to serve all our customers, regardless of how far they may be in the Glasgow area. We aim to cover all G postcodes and other surrounding areas, ensuring all our existing customer are still able to sample our home-cooking in the comfort of their own home.

How it works?

The idea is to offer a large variety of dishes ranging from starters, mains, rice and bread as well as meal boxes to provide better value. Orders will be placed on the website as well as payment. The order will be sent directly to us, and we will confirm it. We then make the order fresh and prepare to deliver it to you the following day. Deliveries will all be done during the day, and we aim to have them with you by 3.30 pm. The chilled boxes can then be stored in the fridge, allowing you to enjoy them for later in the evening, or to freeze them for the future.

Why use Ginger Garlic compared to the restaurant?

The beauty of this concept is that we can offer a much larger variety of fresh cooking compared to the restaurant. This will also mean that customers that are further away can sample authentic homestyle food. Customers are also able to filter dishes online to any dietary requirement and see images of dishes. Within the process, we get orders in advance, so are much less limited to what we can offer compared to a restaurant setting. As well as this it means that your food is always 100% fresh and we can reduce the amount of food waste we have to nearly zero.